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Japan Biotechno Pharma was founded in August 2016 for brighter future of patients and families so as to contribute for healthcare and society through useful antibody technology.
"Trust and lnnovation" is significant for us, we always are conscious of that.


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Management Policy & Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a significant management agenda for Japan Biotechno Pharma, and we will develop a system that will enable swift and appropriate response to changes in the external environment and management circumstances.
Fair, highly transparent operations will be realized to maintain and further boost high ethical standards as a company engaged in a business that affects human lives as well as to ensure sustainable growth and enhancement of corporate value over the medium and long term. Furthermore, under its corporate philosophy that calls for it to aim for the realization of brighter future for patients and their families, Japan Biotechno Pharma will promote business activities that follow the codes of behavior that should be taken toward its stakeholders in addition to various internal rules.

IR Information Disclosure

Basic Position on Information Disclosure
Japan Biotechno Pharma aims to become a company that works creatively in society while valuing the opinions of its stakeholders. It promotes the understanding of shareholders and investors by carrying out appropriate and prompt information disclosure.
Forward-Looking Statement
Japan Biotechno Pharma’s current plans, outlooks, strategies and other matters that are included in this IR website may contain “forward-looking statements,” which are outlooks prepared on the basis of certain assumptions. They are the beliefs and expectations of the Company’s management team based on information that is currently available to them. These forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual business performance may differ from the current outlook.
The Positioning of Investor Information in This IR Website
The objective of this IR website is to help shareholders and investors understand Japan Biotechno Pharma’s management policies, plans, financial standing and other information. The objective is not to solicit investment toward the Company. Decisions related to investment shall be made by users of this website based solely on their own judgment.
Operation of the IR Website
We may change the content of this IR website, or suspend or terminate its operation without notice. Although we have taken utmost care in compiling this website, we cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the published information. We will bear no responsibility for any damages, etc., incurred through the manipulation of data by third parties, or the use, download, etc., of the information or data herein.

To Our Investors

Information will be disclosed as needed.